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Prologue Bookshop Community Read


Hi, I’m Daniel K, one of the booksellers at Prologue Bookshop, and I’m launching the Reading All Together group!

This is less of a book club, more of an open discussion of our community read for each month!

Our book this month is Heartland by Sarah Smarsh. You can get it for 20% off in the store!

There are 12 seats available in this book club. We will ask you to RSVP for each month. Seats are distributed on a first come first served basis.

There will be an overflow list created after the seat limit is reached. If one of the RSVP'd readers cannot make it to a meeting, they should let me know via so that the person at the top of the overflow can be notified.

If you would like to discuss Heartland with us, please RSVP below.

Thank you, and looking forward to discussing books with you!