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Meet Our Staff


Meet our Staff!

We have a wonderful staff here at Prologue Bookshop. Get to know them below:


Dan Brewster, Owner & manager

Originally from Northeast Ohio, Dan has worked in book-adjacent jobs all his life, from being a Page in the Cuyahoga County library system to working as a software engineer at Goodreads. In 2018, he left his software life to open Prologue Bookshop. He can’t wait to move into a position where talking about books is actually part of the job description!

Dan’s favorite authors include Terry Pratchett, Colson Whitehead, Ann Leckie, and Marisha Pessl – if it’s not obvious, he loves reading fiction! Non-fiction tastes tend toward history, etymology, music, and urban planning.

Dan is very grateful for all the support of his family and friends over the last year – he couldn’t have done it without you!

You can reach Dan at



Libby is a lover of mysteries, books on music, gothic fiction, non-fiction, and memoirs.  She graduated from Ohio State in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Music in Musicology and is now a Library & Information Science graduate student at Kent State.  She’s a classically trained soprano, a donut connoisseur, your friendly neighborhood vegetarian, an avid Trekkie (DS9 is her preferred series), and an absolutely ruthless dog petter.  Ask her about Hercule Poirot, her greyhounds, or her (possibly severe) Goodreads and Bookstagram addictions, and you may not be able to get her to stop talking!


daniel K., bookseller

Daniel is a locally crafted Columbus native of eclectic tastes, with a particular bias for science fiction, speculative fiction, and magical realism. Sometimes in his spare time he likes to write his own fiction, some of which he uploads to a poorly constructed blog. Whenever strangers get tired of Daniel rambling about books at them, he is usually able to switch it up by rambling about movies instead. After retiring, Daniel plans to become a hermit in the woods somewhere north of Vancouver.


riley, bookseller

Riley has plenty of bookish experience, having worked 7 years in libraries. She enjoys learning new skills and stories via reading, movies, crafting, and video games. Even though generally all genres interest her (a good book is a good book, after all), she tends to read more memoirs, home cleaning/organization, self help/pop psychology, and graphic novels than others. While Riley hasn't read every book out there, she's eager to use her knowledge so that each customer might discover something wonderful on the shelves of Prologue Bookshop.

Marjorie Staff Pic.jpg

marjorie, bookseller

Greetings from Marjorie! As I get used to being an empty nester, I am excited to be one of the booksellers at Prologue Bookshop. I am a native of Cbus who believes that regardless of whatever work there is to do, especially cleaning out the refrigerator, sitting down to read must be a priority and part of every single day. Besides reading for pleasure, I enjoy listening to music, singing in the car, and having all kinds of conversations over coffee with friends.

A quote that in many ways represents my philosophy of life comes from another Columbus native, James Thurber who writes, Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness. I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at Prologue Bookshop.


chloe, bookseller

Chloe is a third year English major at Ohio State University with a triple minor in professional writing; women's, gender, and sexuality studies; and German. As a self proclaimed book, film, and music connoisseur, she is very excited to be working at Prologue Bookshop where she gets to talk about literature all day (seriously, her roommates are starting to get annoyed with her). She is also a fan of intersectional feminism, horror films, and is a proud member of Slytherin house.