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The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

Recommendation from Marjorie:

When I heard on NPR that Elizabeth Acevedo’s novel The Poet X was a 2018 National Book Award winner, I immediately felt a true sense of joy that there was a real voice for not only young Latinas but for young writers who may think they do not have a story. Acevedo’s presentation of life’s challenges that Xiomara Batista fiercely takes on is inspiring. Her words are intense because her life is intense.  I could not help but remember Esperanza Cordero from Sandra Cisnero’s first novel, The House on Mango Sreet. Acevedo and Cisneros are from different generations but the beauty of their cultural bond is magical. The Poet X should be read by teenagers and anyone who cares about this at times misunderstood group of young people.

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Prologue Bookshop Staff