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The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt by Ken Krimstein

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Recommended by Marjorie

My introduction to the world of graphic literature could not have come at a better time. Ken Krimstein’s graphic biography of political theorist and Holocaust survivor Hannah Arendt compels the reader to think deeply about speaking truth to power and commit wholeheartedly to fighting the good fight. The memoir as Mr. Krimstein presents it, reminds us of the many contributions of Arendt and her contemporaries; thinkers whose works we continue to read and study today.

The author of Origins of Totalitarianism may be a controversial figure but one can appreciate her consistent search for truth. Her journey could not have happened without her strength and will to survive. Mr. Krimstein includes a selected readings page that may lead you on your own journey to living with intention in order to make a positive contribution to bettering society.

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Prologue Bookshop Staff