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Consignment Policy


Consignment policy

published your own book and want to sell it through Prologue Bookshop?

First, congratulations! It is a major undertaking to write and publish your own book, and you’ve done it! Now it’s time to sell.

Prologue Bookshop is proud to support local authors based in Central Ohio. However, it is impossible for us to accept all of these books, as we are a small store. Additionally, not every self-published book, even one by a local author, will find an audience here.

If you’re interested in selling your book through Prologue Bookshop, please read and review the following agreement, and then contact us through email. Please read the agreement and contact us through email before bringing in books.

Note that just because you have filled out the agreement form does not constitute a guarantee for Prologue Bookshop to display or sell books in our store.

Please direct any questions to

Download our Consignment Policy Here